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Botanity Flavon Serum Botanity Flavon Serum
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BOTANITY is a derma cosmetic brand created out of UNIGEN's laboratory in Seattle, WA, and is the culmination of the decades of scientific and enthusiastic research efforts of UNIGEN's scientists, namely Dr. Rabbit. Dr. Rabbit, whose passion is in plant biology and our environment, is the leading scientist at UNIGEN's laboratory. His use of scientific research in the creation of BOTANITY's natural products with great results on the skin of women and men all around the world. Experience true beauty through BOTANITY.

botanity flavon serum

Botanity Flavon Serum

BOTANITY is a derma cosmetic brand created by a botanist with long efforts and passion. BOTANITY'S Dr. Rabbit symbol represents botanists who have researched and developed natural products that have excellent effects on skincare. BOTANITY can help!

Skin Redness > We understand how frustrating that comes with REDNESS and other related skin conditions. Botanity Flavon serum is an advanced, non-prescription treatment formulated to be gentle on skin for effective control of REDNESS on your face with moisturized treatment and help your skin heal.

Concentrate serum for skincare for women, skin feels firmer, suitable for all skin types, dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin with natural scent from nature. 

Reduces skin calming, improve rough skin texture, and help protect sensitive skin

Flavon Serum activates one of its unique key ingredients to retain skin moisturization. Botanity Flavon Serum is highly concentrated and plant-based.

Should this go on before a toner and face cream?

This serum should go on after the toner but before the face cream. Serums are designed to absorb quickly into your pores and do not remain as a layer on top of your skin such as a cream.

Should I use it day or night?

You will see the best result if you were to use it day and night.

Does serum have any scent?

This serum has a light "natural" herbal scent.

Can it be returned after I tried the product if I am not satisfied?

Yes. You just have to return the used bottle for a full refund within 30days of your purchase.

Can I wear makeup after applying the serum?

Yes. Applying the serum before putting on make-up should not be a problem.

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